50 Shades of Grey of Private Labels, My-Trade Magazine

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Clive Woodger’s article about private labels now published in the September issue of My-Trade Magazine.

Статья о собственных торговых марках Клайва Вуджера. Копия самого журнала уже у нас!


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The concept of retailers creating their own brands has been the basic strategy of leading companies who can provide the necessary investment and logistics to support direct development and resourcing of products with manufacturers. Private label, the other terminology used to to describe own own brands, also reflects the approach of some companies to see this as a primarily labelling/packaging exercise not the development of a separate brand  The problem with the latter viewpoint is the danger of not understanding the differences between what is seen as a ‘proper’ brand with its own reputation in the same way a so-called established manufacturer brand is perceived.