I like to comment on issues that intrigue, frustrate or excite me on branding and also inform and encourage debate. The name “Brandblab”, reflects my concerns on the hype that the subject of branding can unfortunately attract. Feedback always appreciated!

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  • Retail Sector Sustainability Conundrum

    My German Retail Blog contribution for 2019: Clive Woodger, Founder, SCG London: "The retail sector faces a conundrum when it comes to sustainability. Retailers, brands and developers promoting their green credentials comes across as green window dressing – or worse, corporate virtue signalling, given that their prime…
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  • Sustainability Branding

    Like ‘branding’, ‘sustainability’ has become a word that means different things to different people and is in danger of becoming just as overused and misused. As a brand consultant, I am dismayed at the still prevailing idea that branding is simply the marketing signature of…
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