Workplaces That Increase Productivity and Well-Being

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Our approach to bridging the gap between architects and marketing agencies working with key company departments like HR and IT, is still rare it seems, balancing strategic and operational criteria to best advantage.

Clive Woodger used Rosatom, as an example of a company that did not understand what was necessary in terms of breaking down silo thinking and the fact that this applies to consultants as well as internal company departments. In contrast, our projects for Group M and HSBC were good examples of a brand led approach spanning the creative and corporate sectors. You can see from these how we used vinyl graphic concepts to create distinctive branded corporate environments. As you appreciative, such ‘place branding’ is an increasingly important activity as managements realise the importance of ‘creating places where people want to be …’, my mantra for all sectors whether retail, banks, corporate or real estate destinations.

The Congress discussed the need for FM professionals to embrace the strategic aspects of workplaces for example, as well as the normal operational comfort zones FM is known for.

You can view the  Workplaces that increase productivity and well-being  presentation in PDF